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How does Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone know when you need a filling? There are a few ways that he identifies cavities, and we want you to understand them because when you are aware of dental treatments and symptoms for your own teeth, we can care for your mouth more effectively.

To identify whether your teeth are decaying, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone may use:

X-Rays — Also called a radiographer, X-rays can take thorough scans of the spaces between the teeth, the layers under the tooth enamel, and the places under the gum. They cannot always detect cavities on the top, back, or front of the tooth.

Cavity-Detecting Dye — This special chemical will stick to decayed areas and rinse cleanly from healthy ones.

Observation — Manual inspection of the teeth involves searching for spots and soft enamel on the tooth.

Laser Fluorescence Cavity Detection Aids — These glowing wands detect changes made by cavities.

When he finds a decayed tooth, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone can promptly treat it. If you think that you are having any tooth decay problems, make an appointment with our dentist in Metairie, Louisiana, by calling Shelly Ereth Barone at 504-832-1164.