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Effective oral health care includes having a complete smile. If for any reason you’re missing a single member of your pearly whites, your oral hygiene will not be as effective as it could be. Even with the best of cleaning habits, your smile can still suffer if you have any missing or lost teeth. Thus, it is important to replace any missing teeth with highly effective tooth replacements such as dentures.

Missing or lost teeth can cause severe oral ailments and problems with your smile. Not only can it make you look older due to the fact your jaw will appear sunken in and aged, but it can also lead to a deterioration of your jaw, further tooth slippage, gum destabilization, and impaired eating, speaking, and chewing skills, plus issues associated with tooth decay via plaque pooling in the voids left behind. To help reverse all of these ailments associated missing teeth, a restoration treatment such as dentures will need to be applied.

If dentures are applied, it is important to make sure you’re taking care of them. Additional cleaning tips and treatments will be needed because they are removable. Always make sure you are soaking them in a denture cleaning solution on a daily basis. However, do not allow them to dry out as they can easily chip and crack. In addition, avoid using teeth whiteners, bleach, hot water or other overly abrasive products on them. Before inserting them back into your mouth, always make sure they are rinsed off with plain water. Dentures also extremely fragile, so they must be handled with care. If they are damaged for any reason, do not try to repair them yourself. Instead, bring them to your dentist for restorations.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but the quest for a perfect smile is more in reach with dentures. If you are ready to see what dentures can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit Shelly Ereth Barone at our dentist office in Metairie, Louisiana. Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone and our team can be reached at 504-832-1164.