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If you have any painful sensations in your mouth or are suffering from tenderness in your jaw area, it could be linked to chronic jaw and facial pain. Oftentimes, jaw and facial pain is normally an indication that something else is wrong with your facial area. To determine the cause of your pain, visit your dentist so that a thorough exam and a possible x-ray diagnosis can be given.

Jaw and facial pain often arise due to various risks with your oral health. If you’re suffering from jaw and facial pain, it probably means there is an underlying condition in your body that is causing it. Typical symptoms associated with jaw and facial pain including tenderness in your jaw, pain when biting or headaches. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it could be linked to underlying conditions that also need to be treated. Bruxism, periodontal disease and even issues with TMJ disorders can all produce chronic jaw and facial pain. Furthermore, toothaches and various infections in your mouth can also give rise to random bouts of pain.

Treatments for jaw and facial pain include various types of medications including anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Furthermore, muscle relaxants and jaw strengthening exercises can also help with recovery & prevention. If an underlying condition is causing your jaw and facial pain, you need to visit your dentist for a root canal therapy, periodontal treatments or a tooth extraction.

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