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Your tooth enamel gets its hardness from microscopic mineral crystals. Unfortunately, the natural processes of the bacteria in your mouth and the acidic foods and beverages you enjoy can erode these crystals each day. In time this will make your teeth more likely to develop tooth decay and sensitivity issues.

Fortunately, exposing your teeth to fluoride will help to restore the mineral content of your tooth enamel and counter the problem.

If you’ve had issues with tooth decay and sensitivity in the past, your Shelly Ereth Barone dentist might recommend administering a standard fluoride treatment. The treatment only takes a few minutes and can be administered right after your regular dental checkup and cleaning.

Concentrated fluoride gel is poured into trays that are inserted in your mouth and held there for a few minutes. You should avoid eating or drinking to allow the fluoride to fully saturate your tooth enamel.

In the future, you might want to limit the number of acidic foods and beverages you consume. Brushing your teeth with a fluoride-fortified toothpaste can also help maintain the health and overall integrity of your teeth.

If you’ve had issues with tooth decay and sensitivity and you should call Shelly Ereth Barone’s office in Metairie, Louisiana at 504-832-1164 to ask about a fluoride treatment.