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Temporomandibular joints, also commonly referred to as TMJs, are essential for optimum oral health. TMJs are the complex ball-and-socket joints on both sides of your jaw that function to facilitate the movement of your mouth for eating, speaking, and chewing food. Without TMJs, these functions would not be possible. However, due to the sheer amount of working parts, they can easily break or wear down, resulting in a TMJ disorder. For more information about TMJ disorders and their causes, consider the following:

– Hazardous habits such as chewing gum, nail-biting, and eating chewy or tough foods, can all place increased stress and strain on your jaw and increase your risk for a TMJ disorder.
– To alleviate the risk of TMJ disorders, you may need to eliminate any stress or anxiety you have. Various forms of meditations including yoga, relaxing music, and biofeedback can help.
– Bruxism is an oral health disorder that arises from unconsciously grinding or clenching your teeth, which in turn often wears down your jaw and leads to TMJ disorders. Treating ailments such as bruxism with mouth guards and bite plates is often the first step to TMJ disorder prevention.
– For minor joint pain caused by TMJ disorders, ice packs, heat packs, and deep soaking can be of great assistance.

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