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Are you nervous about a possible upcoming root canal? You’re not the only one to feel this way. But did you know that your fears might actually be based on misinformation? Here are a few common root canal myths:

Myth: Root canals are painful.

Busted: The symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal include a moderate to severe toothache, sensitivity and tenderness. The actual root canal, however, is designed to eliminate that pain. Before the procedure, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone will apply a powerful anesthetic; you’ll likely feel nothing at all. Afterward you might feel some tenderness for a few days, but normal over-the-counter pain medications can remedy that.

Myth: I’m not feeling any pain, so I don’t need a root canal.

Busted: Do you see or feel a small pimple on your gumline? The technical term for this is a fistula. Your body created it to drain pus from an infection inside your tooth. It also drains the pressure from inside your tooth so you don’t experience any pain. Fistulas can go away and then return at what seems like random intervals.

Myth: A root canal means I’m having my whole tooth removed.

Busted: On the contrary, a root canal can save your teeth from extraction. It cleans out the soft tissue and root inside your teeth, preserving the valuable outer bone.

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