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We hear you–getting your child to brush her teeth for two minutes, twice a day can be a challenge. Simply setting a timer and supervising can be tedious and ineffective. At Shelly Ereth Barone, we know that toothbrushing can be fun! Here are 5 tips to help move things along.
Character Support: Why not enlist the help of your child’s favorite characters? Many television shows and books have stories about brushing. Reading and watching these stories together may help when it comes time to brush! Also, child-sized toothbrushes come in many fun colors and characters. Try letting your child pick out a favorite character to come along on the brushing adventure!
Rewards Chart: Try using a rewards chart for your child. For each time your child brushes his teeth, he puts a sticker on the chart! Make sure to use non-food rewards to help maintain a healthy smile.
Tooth-Brushing Tunes: Pick a favorite song and crank up the music! Two minutes of brushing to a favorite song can make time fly–so get your groove on and brush away!
Two-Minute Storytime: Try using those two-minute time slots to tell a story of your own! Be sure to use all your best voices, and try naming characters after people your child knows. Who can say? Maybe your child is the next superhero to defeat the nasty Plaque Monster.
Stick to a Routine: Perhaps the most important thing to remember is be consistent. It’s tempting to skip brushing after a hectic day, during vacation, or from any number of things that can distract us. Don’t give in to temptation! Building healthy habits now can help ensure a healthy smile for years to come.
Whatever method you use, remember that you are helping your child create lifelong habits of healthy dental hygiene. Call Shelly Ereth Barone at 504-832-1164 for more information on how to help your child succeed in those habits!