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If you need a tooth restoration service and want to present a better image of a tooth to the world, which service should you select? Two of your best options are dental veneers and dental crowns. Both services are highly customizable and can enhance the look of your smile. For a better understanding of the basics of crowns and veneers, listed below are principles concerning crowns and veneers:

The principle features of dental veneers are:

– Veneers can be attached to teeth with far less dental enamel removal than is required for dental crowns.

– Veneers are excellent choices for teeth that need an additional layer of coverage to conceal minor malocclusions or alignment issues, including spacing issues with teeth.

– Veneers can be sized, shaped and customized using thin shells for each tooth’s needs.

The principle features of dental crowns are:

– Dental crowns will not only upgrade the look of your teeth, they can be adjusted and designed to help correct and protect issues with each tooth.

– Dental crowns are very effective at capping and concealing teeth that run the risk of future damage.

– Dental crowns can conceal previous service work done to teeth, including root canals, dental fillings, and dental implants.

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