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The level of force needed to knock one your tooth out of its socket is often so severe that it causes significant oral trauma. When this happens, immediate first aid and timely treatment are critical for managing the pain and improving your restoration options.

If you have blood or debris in your mouth, you can rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. This will help you soothe injured gums and help you get a clear view of the situation.

There is a slight chance that your dentist, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone, can implant the knocked-out tooth back into the socket. For this to have any hope of success, the tooth must be whole and alive.

You can keep the tooth alive by holding it between your cheek and gums or you can use a tooth-preservation product. This is a canister filled with a specially formulated nourishing gel. You simply place the knocked-out tooth in the jar and seal it. The nourishing gel will keep it alive long enough for Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone to assess the situation and begin treatment.

If any part of the tooth exists in the socket, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone will most likely have to extract the remainder of the knocked-out tooth. Once your gums have healed, Dr. Shelly Ereth Barone can help you decide if you would like to restore the tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant.

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